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  • Dimensions – Box: L-97cm x W-41cm x H-16cm
  • Dimensions – Assembled: L-72cm x W-31cm x H-17cm
  • Weight: 16.6Kg
  • Power: 12v 4.5Ah NiMh Rechargeable Battery
  • PC Compatibility: Windows 7 and above
  • Android Application: Android 6.0 and above
  • Aluminium Frame

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Product Description

Compliance test your floor surfaces to ASTM E 1155 to produce accurate F-Numbers (FF and FL) at incredible speed.

With our F-Speed Reader you also get to compliance test your floor flatness to TR34 FM (Free Movement) specifications Property II (3rd edition) or Property F (4th edition). Forget the old-fashioned manual methods which can be slow, laborious and error prone.

Simplicity, speed and accuracy are key attributes of our digital measuring kit. To survey, simply run the F-Speed Reader along the floor whilst data is collected to your handheld Android device over Bluetooth.

Precision is guaranteed by the sub-millimetre accuracy of the laser sensor and our inclinometer capable of measuring down to thousandths of a degree.

Perform as many survey runs as needed. Once complete, transfer the data from your handheld to a PC or laptop for analysis by CoGri Report Studio. This can be performed in the field or emailed back to the office.

At the touch of a button the data is analysed, F-Number reports produced and TR34 percent error per survey line calculated and graphed. These are then ready to print or e-mail as a PDF.

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