Floor Flatness Profilers

Some of the floor testing equipment we manufacture here at CoGri Engineering is not available for sale but we do offer profileograph flatness surveys and other floor testing as a service.

CoGri Engineering’s family of Digital floor flatness testing equipment (some of which is available to purchase) includes:

CoGri Engineering's Range of Digital Floor Profilers

Robotics Profileograph Floor Profiler

Robotics Profileograph

Laser guided Profileograph to check the floor’s surface regularity against 6 properties of floor flatness for Robotic systems.

TR34 Profileograph Floor Profiler

TR34 Profileograph

The data can be extrapolated to determine compliance with DM1, DM2 or DM3 of TR34, EN 15620:2008* or any F-min number specified.

F-min Profileograph

F-min Profileograph

The TR34 Appendix C and the ACI F-min Profileographs are identical and are the only true simulators of materials handling equipment in very narrow aisles

DIN Profileograph

DIN Profileograph

The FACE Digital DIN Profileograph measures the wheel paths of a narrow aisle truck in accordance with DIN 15185 (in the outer 2 wheel tracks). The extrapolated results, shown in easy to read coloured graphs, check longitudinal tolerances on 1m, 2m and 4m gauge lengths and the transverse elevation differences across the wheel tracks.

VDMA Profileograph

VDMA Profileograph

The VDMA Profileograph is a self propelled wheeled instrument which travels along the centreline of the VNA aisle taking continuous measurements for both transverse, longitudinal and FX number data as it does so.

Property II Meter

Property II Meter

The CoGri Engineering Digital Property II Meter is the quick and simple way of testing the floors short wavelength profile against the Property F limits of the Concrete Society’s Technical Report 34 (TR34).



The CoGri Engineering digital DINmeter is a quick and easy instrument to check the floors compliance with Zeile 3 and 4 of DIN 18202.

F Speed Reader

F-Speed Reader

CoGri Engineerings F-Speed Reader is the quick and easy way of testing a floor to the ASTM E1155 F-Number system.



The Digital Transbar is an easy to use reference tool for contractors on site to undertake quick transverse elevation checks.

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* Replaced 2021. New version has no flatness requirement.

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