New! Transbar XR (eXtended Range) Meter Floor Profiler

April 19, 2021

New! Transbar XR (eXtended Range) Meter Floor Profiler on Warehouse Floor.CoGri Engineering has been working hard behind the scenes to update and improve our best-selling Transbar Meter, and we would now like to introduce you to the Transbar XR.

The flatter the floor of a VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) warehouse, the more efficiently and productively your Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) will operate. Poor surface regularity will cause excessive vibration on a lift truck and increase downtime, maintenance, and may also affect health & safety including driver fatigue.

In the expert’s words –

“If wheel tracks have been ground or filled, the wheels should be in full contact with the floor surface so that no transverse thrust or other stresses on wheels are created.” The Concrete Society’s TR34 (4th edition).

How it all started.

AMRs in an Automated Warehouse
1. Transbar XR Meter in VNA

The Transbar XR (eXtended Range) was designed to allow technicians to check their own work for transverse grinding errors in very narrow aisles (VNAs) quickly and easily. Therefore, minimising costs and maximising efficiency for often time-pressured work on-site.

The Transbar meter quickly became one of our bestselling floor profilers but CoGri Engineering was certain they could improve on its useability and performance, including fitting our new advanced digital tilt sensor platform on the device. Designed in-house and fitted as standard to most of our other surveying equipment, the tilt sensor allows for an extension to the measurement range of up to 25mm per side. The Transbar XR meter’s adjustable axles (up to 2m) enable the wheels to be extended to match the forklift wheel track.

Further developments…

The Transbar XR has been built to a robust industrial construction with a sturdy aluminium frame for longevity and is enclosed in a PeliTM Protector case including custom high-density foam, designed to protect your investment for years to come.

The high-capacity rechargeable battery uses NiMH chemistry, making it safe for shipping and transportation and it comes with two 15mm spanners for assembly, a 2.5mm hex key for access to the battery, and a 4mm shim for test and calibration.

New additions to the Transbar include upgrading the wheels to precision ground wide wheels, helping to improved accuracy and the ability to operate on “wet” concrete. This allows instant corrections to the slab, reducing future grinding work.

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Click HERE for further details about the Transbar XR Meter Floor Profiler.

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