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Robotics Profileograph Flatness Testing Profiler [Video]

January 31, 2020

See our Robotics All In One Profileograph testing the surface regularity of a warehouse floor for Robotic systems in the video below:

Robotics Profileograph in use

The CoGri Engineering Robotics Profileograph measures 6 properties of floor flatness for Robotic systems, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), automatic storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) etc. all within a single pass and has additional attachments which can be used to measure TR34 DM, EN 15620, DIN 15185, VDMA, FEM and the ACI F min surface regularity specifications.
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Leading the way in Floor Flatness Testing for Robotics

December 2, 2019

Laser Guided Profileograph For Floor Flatness Testing For Robotic SystemsCoGri Engineering Ltd (part of the CoGri Group of companies) have developed a Laser guided Profileograph to measure 6 properties of floor flatness within a single pass along the floor when checking surface regularity for Robotic systems.

Transbar Meter Profiler [Video]

November 29, 2019

See our Transbar Meter quickly check the floor in the video below:

Surveying a Floor Using the Transbar Meter

The Transbar Meter Floor Profiling device is an invaluable tool to those who wish to save on the cost of grinding transverse errors in very narrow aisles. Quick to repair and easy to use, the Transbar Meter allows the grinding technician to check their own work quickly, easily and accurately, minimising cost, maximising efficiency and taking the guessing out of grinding.

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F-Speed Reader Floor Profiling [Video]

November 29, 2019

See how Quickly our F-Speed Reader can Survey a floor in the video below:

Surveying a Floor Using the F-Speed Reader

CoGri Engineering’s F-Speed Reader is used for checking a floors surface regularity to the ASTM E 1155 standard producing accurate F numbers at incredible speeds.

Simply program the test run length into the mobile application and the F-Speed Reader Floor Profiler will self propel to that required distance. After each run all the required data is collected digitally and then transferred …

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