Testing for Floor Flatness – Evolution of the Face Profileograph

December 15, 2020

Evolution of the Face Profileograph - Duane Scarfe - Face Consultants Operations & Quality ManagerFace Consultants’ Operations & Quality Manager Duane Scarfe explains how the Face Profileograph has evolved, from the first ground-breaking model to its modern-day manifestation as a laser guided, multi-functional, ‘All in One’ Profileograph.

First Face Profileograph

Early Face Floor Flatness Surveying Profileograph
1. Early Face Profileograph.

In 1977 the first FACE Profileograph was built. Designed to check floors in narrow aisle warehouses, the self-propelled analogue Profileograph was the first practical instrument for large scale floor surveys and was the key tool in the development of modern ‘Superflat’ floor technology.

This device was used to check compliance with the American F Number system (F min) and could also be used to check compliance with The Concrete Society’s Technical Report No 34 from the UK (2003 Third Edition).

The First Digital Profileograph

First Digital Profileograph & Long Wheelbase Profileograph
2. 1st Digital Profileograph & Long
Wheelbase Profileograph.

In June 2002 Face Consultants Ltd developed and built the first Digital Profileograph to check Table 4.3 of TR34 (Third Edition) closely followed by the long wheelbase profileograph to check Appendix C of TR34, as well as American F min and Din 15185. With the new digital Profileographs different bodies had to be used to check different standards with the relevant auxiliary equipment attached.

The First ‘All in One’ Digital Profileograph

First ‘All in One’ (AIO) Digital Profileograph
3. 1st AIO Digital Profileograph.

In December 2009, the first ‘All in One’ (AIO) digital Profileograph was developed. This meant that any Profileograph body could be used to check any Defined Movement standard with the relevant auxiliary equipment attached.

Checking Surface Regularity for Automated Systems

Laser Guided Profileograph
4. Laser Guided Profileograph.

Today Face Consultants Ltd (part of the CoGri Group of companies) have developed a laser guided Profileograph to measure 6 properties of floor flatness within a single pass along the floor, when checking surface regularity for Robotic systems in E Commerce Warehouse Fulfilment Centres.

The latest Face All In One Profileograph also has additional auxiliary attachments which can be used to measure TR34, EN 15620, DIN 15185, VDMA, FEM and the ACI F min surface regularity specifications.

Facing the Future

Automated Warehouse Floor Testing
5. Warehouse Floor Testing.

To this day instruments to measure the flatness of Defined Movement floors and floors designed for automated warehouses, continue to be developed in-house through CoGri Engineering Ltd, founded in 2019 to continue the work first started by Face Consultants.

Defined Movement Floor Surveys

Face Consultants are independent experts in the measurement of floor flatness for narrow aisle, very narrow aisle, and automated warehouses.

With many years’ experience and the latest digital floor profilers for accurate results, please get in touch for free advice and to arrange a floor test.

Duane Scarfe - Operations & Quality Manager, Face Consultants Ltd Testing Division

Duane Scarfe

Duane Scarfe is the Operations & Quality Manager of Face Consultants Ltd Testing Division. He has 38 years’ experience in the construction industry, with 24 of those years spent at Face Consultants. Duane is passionate about the testing of floors, and is also a full member of the UK Slip Resistance Group, which is a world leading independent authority on the slip resistance of Pedestrian surfaces.

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